All manufacturing is carried out at our purpose built premises. Located on a 16 acre site, the workshop extends to over 120,000 sq. ft. and has ample storage for raw materials and finished goods.

Raw Material

    All steel sections are delivered in to our stock bays where they are held until the fabrication programme commences.


Component Manufacture - Fittings and small components

All plates and angles and small components are manufactured by CNC equipment.  We have machines that process both bar and sheets:

    Ficep Flat Line (with Profiling)

This machine can process 500 x 25mm flat


Voortman Plate Line

    This machine is state of the art with carbide drilling and 400amp plasma cutting, it can process plate sheets up to 6m long x 3m wide with thickness from 6mm to 75mm.  Any shape and combination of holes are possible.


Main Part Manufacture - Beam Saw and Drilling Line

    Voortman 1250mm Saw & 3 Axis Drill Bay

All main parts are processed on a beam line which cuts the material to the required length and also makes all the required holes along the length. The voortman split system is a fully automated layout with all materials movement's computer controlled.


Shot Blasting

All components are cleaned by automatic shot blasting machine, which is generally to standard SA2.5. Other standards are available to suit specific project specifications.



Fabrication Assembly & Welding

When all components have been prepared they are assembled in one of the fabrication bays.



Finishing & Painting

Painting of steelwork is all carried out in adjacent bays following the welding and inspection.

    We shotblast and apply fully finished surface treatments including single or multi-coat systems.

Intumescent coatings are also applied where the project demands an offsite solution.

Galvanising is commonly specified for external steelwork and we use specialist sub-contracting services for this treatment.