Health, Safety & Sustainability

Leach Structural Steelwork Limited is committed to ensuring all activities undertaken on sites and within the factory are done so responsibly.

Health, Safety & Sustainability are considered paramount to each project. Employees are encouraged to take a proactive approach to these aspects.

The Company offers:

  • An effective management structure.
  • A systematic approach to the management of risks across Health, Safety & Sustainability.
  • Developed risk control measures.
  • In house operatives who are qualified to Industry recognised standards.
  • Regularly monitored, measured and reviewed Health and Safety systems.

The safety ethos starts with accreditation and membership of the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) Preston Construction Safety Association (PCSA) and the North West Construction Safety Group (NWCG).  These associations ensure Leach Structural Steelwork are kept informed of current legislation and changes which may affect the way they work. Information and changes received are discussed by the management team for consideration and implementation within their activities. Both the BCSA and PCSA ensure they receive advice and guidance on all aspects of Health and Safety.

Annually audited accreditations include:

To ensure standards are kept in line with construction industry recognised standards - they are annually audited by the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme.  (CHAS)    The British Constructional Steelwork Association audit companies annually. Based on a number of criteria, companies are benchmarked on the previous year’s performance. As such they have been awarded with a Silver Standard.


Health & Safety Award

Balfour Beatty Award won for “Taking a Pro active approach to Health & Safety ..in respect of offloading”

    The design; which won Leach Structural Steelwork an award from Balfour Beatty for “A proactive approach to H&S” was developed in house to prevent falls from vehicles whilst loading and unloading of steel columns. The frame which attaches to our own modified flat beds on the HGV’s enables the operative to wear a harness which is attached to the frame on a running line. The frame is attached both pre delivery and during delivery on site. It is easily removed and is transported between the stock yard and site for continual use.


Leach Structural Steelwork take a proactive role in speaking to the consultants in respect of issues which need challenging and clarifying for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

As a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School they continue to develop and improve upon their knowledge of all aspects to address environmental and social sustainability issues.